Topic outline

  • SS-12



  • Checking Simulation


    You will be learning how to write a check and record your checks in an electronic form.

    Using a computer has greatly reduced the amount of recordkeeping work.  In this lesson, you will learn how to use an Excel Spreadsheet to enter data into a checkbook register and reconcile your checkbook.  You will find that there is no more tedious addition and subtraction on a calculator, but simple data entry.


    You will write out a check for each transaction and fill a deposit slip.

    You will enter the transactions for January, February, March and April into an Excel spreadsheet.  You will reconcile the bank balance with your spreadsheet.


    1.  Listen as Mr. Mange explains how to enter data from your checkbook guide into the spreadsheet using the monthly transactions and how to reconcile.checkbook

    2.  You will now open the Checkbook spreadsheet or enter the formulas and cell headings manually.

    3.  Enter the transactions for January.  Using January's bank statement, reconcile your checkbook for January.  complete the bank reconciliation form manually at the bottom of the bank statement.

    4.  Complete the transactions for February, March and April then reconcile. 

    5.  Print off your spreadsheet and hand in.