Project #3: Presentation for Travelers to France

Create an informational presentation using PREZI for travelers to France which gives information about going to a French café.In this presentation you should:

  • Compare/contrast the differences in the size, color, denominations of and pictures on the French euro with the U.S. dollar. (10 pts)
  • Demonstrate understanding of the value of the US dollar in foreign currency by making conversions based on pretend purchases, then report on them in French (i.e. how would you say the prices in French?). (10 pts)
  • Explain how basic sandwiches are made in France, and what the most common fillings are called. How are they similar/different to American sandwiches? (10 pts)
  • Explain how to prepare and serve un citron pressé in the French style. (5 pts)
  • Explain what a diabolo is. (5 pts)
  • Include the dialogue for a typical cafe scene between a server and a customer. Include greetings, the order and the payment. Be sure to use polite language! (20 pts)
TOTAL = 60 pts

Here is a link to a video on how to use PREZI.

When you are finished with your presentation, submit the link to your presentation
. Once you have submitted your presentation, you will be able to see your classmates' presentations as well. Bon courage!

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After you have posted the link to your presentation, move on to the Final Assessment: Speaking.
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