You will be hearing questions in French about the vocabulary used while at a café. Remember that you should be more formal when speaking to the server!

  1. Listen to each question one at a time.
  2. Write down the answer you would give in a complete French sentence.
  3. When you have answers for all of the questions, call my Google Voice number: ***-***-****.
  4. Read your answers into a voicemail like this: If the question you heard was "Vous désirez?", you could leave this on the voicemail: "Je m'appelle Jacques. C'est la Partie Deux. Numéro 1: Je voudrais un café et un sandwich au jambon, s’il vous plaît."

**Don't forget to say the number of the question before you give the answer!

Audio Part Two

When you are finished, go on to Part Three: Paying With Euros: Assignment #7.

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