You will be hearing questions in French about the vocabulary for Part Three and euros.

  1. Open up this menu from the famous café in Paris, Les Deux Magots. The answers to the questions you will hear will be found there. You may have to enlarge the menu first in order to read it.
  2. Listen to each question one at a time.
  3. Write down the answer you would give in a complete French sentence.
  4. When you have answers for all of the questions, call my Google Voice number: (***-***-****.
  5. Read your answers into a voicemail like this: If the question you heard was "C'est combien, un sandwich au jambon?", you could leave this on the voicemail: "Je m'appelle Jacques. C'est la Partie Trois. Numéro 1: Un sandwich au jambon, c'est neuf euros cinquante."

**Don't forget to say the number of the question before you give the answer!

Speaking practice Part Three questions

When you are done, go on to the VIDEO WITH ALAIN: Assignment #10.

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