Early in week 2 you should invite two other teachers in our Blended Moodle course to "enroll" in your course. These teachers will be providing feedback to you about your course for the remainder of the four weeks. (You should also invite the instructor.)
  1. Review the forum in week 1 when everyone introduced themselves. Select two teachers you would like to invite into your course.
  2. Use the Moodle mail function to send the invitation. By clicking on a participant's picture you will be taken to their profile page. Click the send a message button.
  3. Once the teacher has agreed to join your class, you will need to add them.
  4. View the video at the link below to learn how to use the "Assign Roles" function of Moodle. Add the two teachers as students to your course.
  1. Before your course goes live be sure to unenroll teachers from your course by once again using the "Assign Roles" function.
Last modified: Wednesday, 13 October 2010, 7:48 AM